ANC Transloading Inc. – 3PL Services

ANC Transloading Inc. has once again diversified its menu of services to now include 3PL (third party logistics) services to Alberta Newsprint Co.

This new service began with a vision back in April of 2016 and quickly became a reality with 3PL services commencing in August of 2016.

Alberta Newsprint Co. can in a typical month ship in excess of 700 loads of paper destined for all over North America. While most of the loads are handled by rail, intermodal and dedicated trucking companies, there has always been a need for 3PL services that were until recently outsourced to companies that specialize in 3PL services.

Given ANC Transloadings extensive knowledge of truck transportation it seemed natural for ANCTI to extend its range of services into this area.

Once fully established there exists a large upside to extending this service to other companies in the family.

As we grow this product line we will potentially create several new jobs so we are very excited to see this product line grow.

Stay tuned for more updates in the days ahead.

Frac Sand Transloading – Marsh Head

ANC Transloading Inc. opened their doors for business at our Marsh Head location which is located just off of Hwy 947, across the highway from the ANC Haul Rd. ANC Transloading entered into a term arrangement with Badger Mining who ship their Frac Sand up from Taylor, Wisconsin mine via CN Rail.

Frac Sand Transloading

ANC Transloading has set up temporary offices and a 90 Ft. scale at Marsh Head. Currently we are operating 12 hours per day from 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM and looking to extend those hours as business pick ups.

ANC Transloading is currently the engineering stage of developing the Marsh Head site, with construction of two tracks expected to start shortly after spring breakup. The plan is to be fully operational for the 2017/2018 winter season. The site will start to take the shape of a world class Transload operation. The two newtracks will hold a total of 66 cars. Plans are also in the works to build a 3rd track immediately after completion of the first two tracks. Phase one construction will be completed with a 4th parrallel track.

Phase two construction will include an element of storage as well as sufficient track to accommodate a unit train.

For information on ANC Transloading Inc. please call 780-706-8241. We would be pleased to discuss with you our Whitecourt and Marsh Head capabilities.

ANC Transload Trucking

ANC Transloading Inc. diversified their operations in September 2015 to now include hauling finished paper products by truck from Alberta Newsprint Company to publishers in Edmonton and Calgary. Diversifying the Transload operations to also include trucking has given the Alberta Newsprint mill some options for regular service to and from the mill. The trucking operations haul finished newsprint to points in Alberta and then bring back raw materials to the mill creating a two way haul for the truck. Not only does ANC Trucking provide regular service for the mill, but ANC Trucking can and does provide service for hot shot loads when no other carrier is available. The ANC truck is usually no more than 2 1/2 hours away from the mill so the truck can be back at the mill in very short time to pick up the rush, “Just in Time” loads. While currently only operating 1 truck, this could grow to several trucks if the demand from the mill warrants additional units.

ANC Transloading Unit 001
ANC Transloading Unit 001

Final Treated Effluent – (Fracking Water)

20140708_123238_resizedIMG_0747ANC Transloading Inc. announces that as of September 8, 2015 we have commenced loading of Final Treatment Effluent (TFE) for use in fracking. The water is heated to 30 degrees Celsius which means it is ideal for winter time operations and will reduce the need for on-site heating from ambient temperatures. The Alberta Government has authorized Alberta Newsprint Co. to divert a specified quantity of TFE per day for use in Fracking.  As this hot water will be in high demand through the winter season please contact us early to reserve your needs. Supply is limited to quantities specified by the AER.

We have partnered with Vertex to  supply and operate the pump equipment at our Whitecourt location.

Contact us at 780-706-8241 or email at

Over Dimensional/Heavy Lift Operations

IMG_0666ANC Transloading Inc. has again diversified the use of their Whitecourt facility by working with RailTran Services Inc. and Premay Heavy Haul that resulted in some heavy and over dimensional cargo being brought on site in Whitecourt. Our location is strategically located across the Athabasca River eliminating the need for special permits and rigging to cross the river on the Hwy 43 bridge. This heavy lift gas separator was off-loaded from the specialized rail car onto a Premay Heavy Haul truck, that will delivery the vessel to it’s ultimate destination a gas plant located few miles west of ANC on Hwy 43.