Pipe Transloading

Pipe Feb 2015-1-2

ANC Transloading has entered into a working agreement with Premay Pipe Hauling LP and as a result of this agreement 16 rail cars of 54″ pipe were transloaded at ANC Transload’s Whitecourt facility. We are very excited with this new working relationship as it assists us with diversification of products being handled at our Transload locations. The two ANC Transload sites Whitecourt and Marsh Head which is just off of Hwy 947 south are very strategically located for the anticipated pipeline projects in this area. Not only are we able to offer track space for the rail cars of pipe, but we also have sufficient space to be able to also offer pipe laydown areas. Currently we have over 25 acres occupied as pipe laydown areas between our two locations.IMG_0006

FRAC Sand Transloading

Frac Sand StationANC Transloading Inc. commissioned a fully functional Frac Sand Transload station on January 6, 2015. ANCTI entered in to an agreement with Trican to transload Frac Sand through the ANCTI Whitecourt facility. The fully functional drive through facility has trucks loading on scales to ensure exact loading weights into each compartment on multi compartment trailers.

ANCTI is fully expecting to expand their Frac Sand Transload capabilities by looking at additional track and a sand storage facility at some point in the near future.

While the ANCTI Whitecourt facility is currently fully utilized insofar as Frac Sand, we continue to look for opportunities to develop a similar setup at our Marsh Head location which is located at the end of Hwy 947 and south of Hwy 43. This location has great access to the ANC Haul road and is in close proximity to Fox Creek, Alberta.

HCL Transloading

On January 12, 2015 ANC Transloading Inc. commissioned our first HCL (Hydrochloric Acid) Transload station. ANCTI entered into a 5 year agreement with Erco Worldwide to Transload HCL at the ANCTI Whitecourt facility. The unique HCL Transload unit, the first of it’s kind in this area was designed and built by Salco Products in Lemont Illinois.

ANCTI is very excited to have this new unit on site and fully commissioned as this now adds another commodity that we are capable of  safely handling through our Whitecourt facility.  HCL Unloading Station

1 Million Barrels of Crude in Under 1 Year

In less than 1 year after starting up operations in Whitecourt, Alberta ANC Transloading Inc. is proud to have achieved the significant milestone of transloading from truck to rail 1 million barrels of crude oil. The Transload team pictured above successfully and safely transloaded 1 million barrels of crude from truck to rail. While there were significant challenges throughout the winter months,  the team worked through the challenges and in achieving this milestone it is a reflection of the teams commitment to safety and service.

The ANC Transload operations in Whitecourt is looking forward to other new challenges and opportunities as the operation is now looking at transloading Frac Sand and Hydrochloric acid through the Whitecourt facility.

In addition to the Whitecourt operations ANC Transloading Inc., is also proceeding with developing their operations at the Marsh Head facility and targeting late August or early September for ground breaking milestone.

Second Transloading Site Ready in Fox Creek Area

ANC Transloading Inc is pleased to announce the opening of our second  tranloading site in the Fox Creek area of west central Alberta. Operations will be commencing this week at the site with scale and rail services now available for inbound and outbound products.

Conveniently located beside Highway 947 and the ANC Berland Road, rail access can now be utilized for a variety of products that support the many resource developments in the region. Mike Putzke, President of ANC Transloading Inc, remarked “We are excited to expand our transloading operations and bring additional services to this fast growing region. We will operate this facility with a strong commitment to safety, customer service and efficient operations – the same high standards that have served us well at our Whitecourt operations”.